TNGS Next Level Coaching Program

An Online Program that includes a practical experience in Valencia, Spain designed for the coaching professional looking to take their game to the NEXT Level.

The increase in the demand for high-performance coaches has led to the need for a more in-depth specialization of the various areas of the sport. 

The TNGS  high-level coaching course is an online experience for elite coaches. It was created by a team of Spanish UEFA coaches and psychologists.

The six-module program focuses on giving coaches practical tools and insights to become next level professionals. Our signature High - Level coaching course focuses not only on game strategybut also on statistical analysis. Coaches can not only apply the skills and techniques learned on the field with their teams, but also to build a successful professional career. 

The only program created by European coaches that combines online experience with field practice


Our TNGS proprietary course, teaches coaches to identify, know, and transport the sports psychology principles and leadership to the field.

You will receive a certificate from one of the most prestigious universities in Spain

Thanks to the NG Skills, a unique set of psychological learning basics created by TNGS, the coaches will be able to:

·       plan a strategic game

·       understand the abilities of each player

·       create new concepts

·       design new didactic strategies

·       adopt the values of a true coach and mentor

·       develop technical, tactical and collective training according to each team. 

These learned skills will empower and enable our participants to present themselves as full professionals, building a competitive  program. 


  Curriculum and Format

Supported by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, the experience and knowledge of the TNGS Coaches are presented in a format of

·       weekly online sessions

·       guest experts such as Jose Bargues and Oscar Suarez

·       videos

·       lively debates and learning tasks. 

Unique Opportunity

This distance education format allows the coaches the opportunity to immerse themselves in a multicultural experience and community, learning the “how-to” of European football right from the experts.

The course is divided into four modules: 



1.Coaching Youth Football- Grassroots to Elite

2. Becoming an Academy Leader

3. Building a Football Philosophy and a Winning Game Model

4. Practical course in Valencia, Spain

Don't miss the opportunity!

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Four modules 

Module 1 -3:

Each Module is Four Weeks

  1 Online 1.5 Hour ZOOM Session Each Week

Each week will have a different expert

  Each session will also have breakout  “room debates”,  allowing space and time for the coaches to share knowledge and experience

Q&A with experts and our TNGS in house team

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$405 for Modules 1, 2 and 3


$345 USD Early Bird Registration*


Must register and pay by February 28th 2021


Module 4


Practical Training on-site at our Academy in Valencia, Spain.

Includes Training, local ground transportation, meals, and accommodation

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$1300 USD

$1000 USD for Early Bird Registration*


Must register and pay by May 15tth 20